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Current Service Opportunities 

Hoover Week


The JHS cheerleaders will be decorating the entire school this SUNDAY for Hoover week. It is a lot of work decorating for Hoover week and we are reaching out to all of the clubs at JHS for help! This can count as service hours for your members.


When: Sunday, October 17

Where: JHS Commons

Time: Start time is 1:00 PM

RAHAB and Hannah's House Donations

Hello All!

We are currently sophomores in JAGS and for our GO Night project, we are focusing on equal rights for all. With this, we are starting a drive running from October 12th until the 22nd to gather products to donate to organizations such as RAHAB and Hannah’s House. If possible, at your convenience could you play this short video explaining our cause at the beginning of class while you take attendance? Along with this, we would appreciate it if we could place a box in your room to collect donations and pop in every so often to give an incentive to whoever may have brought in items. An example of one of our flyers is attached below.

Thank you so much for your time!

-Blaire Blythe, Sarah Henson, Emily Nist, and Chloe Howard

Additional Skills

"Take Action" is a key pillar of JAGS, but this idea is able to be seen in all aspects of life. In any form, all occupations work to take action and better the community. By learning how to serve those around us while in high school, JAGS students will be able to use their diverse perspectives in order to make a difference in any environment they are placed in. Service brings the community together and is why JAGS is so imperative in our modern society. 

JAGS Students will need to complete 80 hours of community service by Graduation

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use JAGS service hours for other organizations?

Yes! Any community service you turn in to JAGS can be used for other organizations. JAGS events and service opportunities such as Adopt-a-Family may also be used elsewhere.


How many service hours will I need to graduate?

The graduation requirement for the Class of 2025 and younger is 80 service hours. The Class of 2024 will need 70 hours, and the Class of 2023 will need 60 service hours to graduate.


Where can I turn in my service hours?

You can turn in your service hours to the mailbox right outside of Ms. Stone’s room, R100, located just across from Student Services.


When will my service hours be updated?

Your service team typically counts service hours monthly. The spreadsheet includes the date when they were last updated. If you see the amount on the spreadsheet may be incorrect, feel free to reach out to Anna Wright or Ms. Stone.


Come Visit Us

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat: 10am - 2pm

Sun: Closed


Community Service

Take Action is an essential pillar of JAGS, and the Service Portal is here to help you acquire your 80 service hours! You can find any upcoming or ongoing service opportunities here! 

Service Portal

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