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An Introduction to JAGS Capstones

An Introduction to JAGS Capstones

Along with the capstones, students will need to have 4 credits of a world language, 80 hours of community service (different for classes '22 - '24), and complete GPS reflection documents for all four years of high school. 

Want to know more? Click on the buttons below for specifics on the traditonal capstone journey. 


When picking a Senior Capstone, there are three routes a student can take:
1: Traditional JAGS Capstone
2: AP Capstone
3: IFCPP Capstone through Kent Stark
Here's some dates to have in mind as you work on your capstone. 

Planning Ahead?

Want to keep up with the capstones of 2023? Check out the JAGS social medias & stop by Summit Night!

A GPS example from a current JAGS Senior. 

GPS Documents Resources

What is a GPS document?

A GPS document is a Graduate Performance System document that helps JAGS students to evaluate how the program has affected their traditional course work and impacted their global awareness. 

First Link: Freshmen & Sophomore Guidelines

Second Link: Junior & Senior Guidelines

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