Every Student Ready for the World

We believe that preparing globally competent students begins with a rigorous curriculum including:

Interdisciplinary problem-based learning, Cultural awareness, World language immersion, Community collaboration, Service learning, Leadership opportunities, Business partnerships, Educationally based travel

Upon completion of the program, JAGS students will possess the skills necessary to lead, cultivate and communicate their own ideas, excel in their chosen career paths, and work collaboratively to successfully navigate our global society.

As a JAGS student, you will also receive one of the most unique education's in Ohio, rather than a traditional classroom where a teacher lectures students for upwards of 45 minutes, JAGS classrooms are discussion-based in order to build on opinions of a subject that would not ordinarily be explored.


Additionally, our students are given a myriad of travel opportunities: from as close to home as Maryland to exotic locations like Italy and Hungary. These trips are meant to deepen the bonds between their fellow JAGS members as well as expose them to new people, sights, and cultures that no other student at Jackson High School gets a chance to see. 

About Us

We take great pride in preparing our students not just for their future careers, but all of the unique challenges the world has to offer, not just by imparting our experience onto them, but by taking their ideas, big and small, and creating something brand new and exciting out of them.

The Jackson Academy for Global Studies is a program based around 4 Core Pillars: Investigating the World, Recognizing Perspectives, Communicating Ideas, and Taking Action to better ourselves and our communities. 

JAGS Teachers will:

  • Challenge students to grow academically, excel as independent learners and become globally competent.

  • Work through problem-based learning activities to help students meet their individual learning goals.

  • Use a variety of assessment methods to determine student progress towards their goals.

  • Set clear expectations and manage classrooms well, helping students to feel safe in school, to share their perspectives and able to succeed.

  • Receive top-quality, ongoing professional development from International Studies Schools Network Coaches so that they are well-equipped to help all students succeed. 

Parent Volunteers Needed:

-Football games - (Perry, McKinley, Green) help chaperon facepainting & JAGS swag sales

-Basketball games - same idea as above, general chaperoning of facepainting/swag sales

-Pancake Breakfast - Friday afterschool, help direct the Freshmen (mainly) volunteers in Commons, then on Saturday morning, help direct JAGS volunteers in helping vendors/cafeteria <--- This is a student event, parents are not doing the work, our kids are

-Haunted Hayride - General merriment…..help herd the ghouls, ghosts and zombies, hot chocolate patrol

-Yankee Candle/Popcornopolis - Help distribute candles and popcorn

-G.O. Night (Global Opportunities Night) - help organize, cook and serve dinner, donations, clean-up, help the audience navigate JHS, general order keeping...HUGE JAGS night!

-JAGSgiving - Morning joy, donations, hot chocolate patrol, feathers, general population 

-Blanket making - help direct the ‘no running with scissors' initiative, donations of fleece, pizza distribution

-Polar Bear Plunge - help find plungers, hot chocolate patrol, jump in the lake…

-JAGS Senior Capstones - help mentor our Seniors, publicize drives and service projects, general support

-JAGS Senior Night - donations, decorations

-General fundraising - to fund JAGS travel and programming, corporate sponsorship

-Publicity - help spread the word about the JAGS program, and what students are involved in doing this year in our community/world

Attention Parents!

Are you interested in being part of our JAGS booster club?


Email our club booster President  Laura Wackerly at laurawackerly@gmail.com

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