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The skills learned in JAGS are not merely academic, they are lessons which build a more comprehensive mind, ready to tackle problems from every angle. Our JAGS graduates are now in fields ranging from International Communication to Aerospace Engineering.

Unique in Ohio

JAGS is one of only two International Studies Schools in the state of Ohio. Having the Asia Society's ISSN designation on your resume will 100% make you stand out to admissions officers and employers. The Four key skills you will develop while in JAGS is exactly what future employers and colleges are looking for. While in the program, you will learn to investigate the world through study and educational travel.  You will have the ability to recognize other's perspectives, communicate your ideas, and take action.  All things that make you stand out and ready for the world!



What will students get out of the program?

Upon completion of the program, JAGS students will possess the skills necessary to lead, cultivate and communicate their own ideas, excel in their chosen career paths, and work collaboratively to successfully navigate our global society.

What are the requirements to graduate JAGS?

JAGS Students must successfully complete a JAGS 4 year course plan, 80 hours of community service, a portfolio and a capstone project to receive a Certificate of Global Studies from Jackson High School and the International Studies School Network. 

Can  JAGS students still take AP and CCP Courses?

Advanced Placement and College Credit Plus courses are offered to  10th, 11th, and 12th-grade JAGS students. Post-secondary and Career Tech options are available to 11th and 12th-grade students.

Will parents have to pay for every trip?

JAGS hosts many fundraisers that directly contribute to lowering the cost of field trips for all students.

We Are The

Jackson Academy for Global Studies.

We believe that preparing globally competent students begins with a rigorous curriculum including:

interdisciplinary problem-based learning, cultural awareness, world language immersion, community collaboration, service learning, leadership opportunities, business partnerships, and educationally based travel.

Service Portal

Take Action is an essential pillar of JAGS, and the Service Portal is here to help you acquire your 80 service hours! You can find any upcoming or ongoing service opportunities here!

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